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Company Profile

At our boutique agency, the leadership and team come with a history of remarkable achievements in the real estate sector. With a track record of selling over one hundred million rand in real estate consistently every year and being recognized as the top agent for two consecutive years at a prestigious international real estate brand, one of our co-founders spearheaded the largest sale in Africa during the challenging times of COVID-19. This individual's experience extends to, consulting on the tallest residential development in the city centre, and successfully leading marketing efforts to sell out this and many other developments in Cape Town City Centre and the Atlantic Seaboard.

Our other co-founder complements this impressive resume with a strong focus on selling luxury hotels, guesthouses, and residential properties, particularly to an international clientele. Having worked on major developments along the Atlantic Seaboard, this co-founder brings a deep understanding of the luxury market and has built strong networks within the real estate industry.

Together, the leadership embodies a combination of strategic insight, market knowledge, and a network of relationships that ensure our clients have access to unparalleled real estate opportunities. Our agency stands on the foundation of our co-founders' achievements and is committed to continuing this legacy of excellence in every transaction we facilitate.

For short-term rental requirements, we work closely with our sister company Hosted Property Management.